16 Signs You Went to Catholic High School in St. Louis

What high school did you go to?

That question isn't just about your alma mater. In St. Louis, an extremely Catholic city where public schools are unaccredited and struggling, the high school question is really asking you to reveal your religion, socioeconomic status, intelligence and personality all at once.

(Not from St. Louis? Take our quiz to see which high school you'd have gone to.)

So for all of our comrades who survived fourteen years of ruler-rapping, Christmas pageants and plaid uniforms, Daily RFT put together a list of our fifteen tell-tale signs you went to Catholic school in St. Louis:

1. You own multiple black North Face fleeces.

2. You have, without irony, worn a cape.

3. You genuinely didn't know where public high schools were even located in St. Louis until you graduated.

4. You've been side-tackled by a nun.

5. After years of uniforms, your college wardrobe was mostly gym clothes and business-casual attire -- nothing in between.

6. You don't need new friends because you made yours in kindergarten.

Oh, we don't need any more friends. We're set for life, thanks. - KingTyrone on flickr
KingTyrone on flickr
Oh, we don't need any more friends. We're set for life, thanks.

7. You've seen an altar boy pass out during Mass.

8. You know why second grade and seventh grade are the most important.

9. You wrote an essay on the importance of being pro-life long before you could even get pregnant.

Look familiar? - .jennifer donley. on flickr
.jennifer donley. on flickr
Look familiar?

10. Your parents went to your prom.

11. You went to college at Mizzou, Saint Louis University or in Dayton, Ohio. Maybe Southern Methodist University in Dallas.

12. You got to choose a new name during seventh grade.

13. You know how to clean up holy water.

14. You're unfazed by the thought of eternal damnation, but you still constantly feel guilty about something.

15. You don't know how to watch sports without beer.

16. If someone's answer to "What high school did you go to?" isn't a St. Louis private school, you only pretend to care.

What are we missing? Add your own in the comments.

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