9.9.09 Beatles or Not? Apple's Big Announcement is Today

Sep 9, 2009 at 8:39 am
Today is the day when we find out if my prediction that Apple will be the first to release digital versions of the Beatles catalog at the "iPod event" comes true. I'm sort of leaning against my prediction since Apple named the event for a Rolling Stones song; "It's Only Rock'n'Roll" 

Whether or not Apple has Beatles news today, it's likely the iPod announcement will be good news for fans of the media players. Some have noticed that prices for all current versions of the iPod have been slashed ahead of today's event. So maybe the entire line of iPods will get a refresh today. It's been widely speculated that the big Apple product news today will be a new iPod touch with a mic and a camera. Others believe that Apple will also kill off the iPod classic which will be the end of the road for the original device that revolutionized the music business. And others are saying that the entire iPod line will get 3.2 megapixel cameras including the iPod classic. 

Cocktail news is also expected today, Cocktail is Apple's code name for its version of the digital album. Also a refresh of iTunes is likely -- how could Apple avoid a corny marketing move like releasing iTunes 9 on 9/9/09? 

What we aren't likely to get from Apple today is a refresh on the Apple TV, or anything about the long rumored Apple tablet

It's worth remembering the Beatles and Apple have a long and litigious history together. It started when the Beatles music publishing firm, Apple Corps, filed suit against Apple Computer for trade mark infringement back in the early 1980's for using the "Apple" name. Eventually Apple Computer (now known as Apple Inc.) purchased the trademark from Apple Corps for $500 million. You can read about the whole history of legal actions between the two companies here.

But Beatles fans should not despair, the Beatles Rock Band as well as all new remasters of the entire Beatles catalog in good old CD format in both a mono set ($298.98) and a stereo set ($259.99) will be released today. And that is not just a rumor