A Black Eye for Steven Jackson

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The Rams certainly didn't need this. 

Steven Jackson has been accused of beating his former girlfriend, one Supriya Harris, when she was nine months pregnant. That's right. Nine months pregnant. As in, ready to pop any day pregnant. 

So, big strong football player, tossing his girlfriend around when she's less than two weeks away from giving birth. Apparently enraged enough his nephew had to intercede and stop the beating said big strong football player was putting on the woman. Not a particularly pleasant image, is it? 

No, this the Rams most definitely did not need. 

Fresh on the heels of one of the worst seasons in National Football League, the Rams have coaching problems, personnel problems, and public relations problems. They had two really bright spots this past season (well, three, I suppose, if you want to include the punter), that fans could really latch onto: the rookie campaign of James Laurinaitis, who looks like an emerging force in the league, and another monster season from Steven Jackson. Sure, the Rams were an historically awful team, but those are players you could really hang your hat on. 

Now, the team's franchise player is facing allegations of severely beating his pregnant girlfriend just ten days before she gave birth, then convincing her to lie about how she received her injuries when he took her to the hospital. Not such a good day for the PR department. 

Now, of course, we all need to take a deep breath and recite our mantra: Innocent Until Proven Guilty. I know it's awful, and just thinking about a man kicking the hell out of his nine-month pregnant girlfriend is enough to make you sick, but Jackson hasn't been convicted of anything. 

He and Ms. Williams are currently involved in a dispute over child support payments, so there could be reason for her to try to make him look bad. She also waited four months after the fact to file the report, so you have to wonder why. On the other hand, Jackson could also be a dirtbag who not only beats up his girlfriend but then refuses to pay her child support. So, you know, it could actually be even worse. 

Regardless, this is a bad, bad deal for all involved. If it's true, Steven Jackson deserves all the scorn and rage we can muster. If it's a lie, then a man's reputation has been irrevocably damaged without reason. And no matter what, this is another black eye for an organisation that simply can't afford to have any more negativity. 

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