A Photo Tour of Ballpark Village

Jan 5, 2009 at 3:40 pm
Seeing as how it's the middle of January, you probably haven't passed by Ballpark Village in a while. Technically, it's the future home of Ballpark Village, but with the All-Star game less than 200 days away, I've found a few photos of the FHBV (now with grass!)

The RFT last poked fun at the barren lot, and its embattled leader, Bill DeWitt III, just as the baseball season got under way last year. Now, almost a year later, the All-Star game is fast approaching, and St. Louis will soon play TV host to about 10 million guests.

The grumbling about an empty hole next to an almost spotless, relatively new baseball stadium could increase to a roar, especially for St. Louisans (and Cardinal fans everywhere) who want to make sure St. Louis doesn't just look like every other member of the "most dangerous" list.

Below is one photo of the site:

A complete photo essay is over at InsideSTL.

- Nick Lucchesi