A Quiet All-Star Weekend for St. Louis Sports

click to enlarge City of a thousand sites, but only two all-stars.
City of a thousand sites, but only two all-stars.
There were two all-star games going on in the sporting world this weekend: the NFL's Pro Bowl, a.k.a. The Least Interesting Thing Ever, and the NHL All-Star Game, a.k.a. Whoops, I Totally Forgot About Hockey For a Second There, This Might Be Less Interesting Than the Pro Bowl. 

Don't get me wrong; all-star games are always kind of fun. The players are kind of relaxed, just goofing around, and sometimes it's nice to see these guys taking themselves a little less seriously. Then again, all-star games mostly suck. Just saying. 

Both games featured some of St. Louis's finest, though not in quite the quantity you might hope. Still, they did our town (relatively) proud, and they deserve some recognition for that. 

Steven Jackson was the Rams' lone representative in the Pro Bowl, and he was on the winning team. The NFC all-stars beat the AFC team 55-41; needless to say, there weren't a whole lot of standout defensive performances. 

Jackson did break off a long 21-yard touchdown run, but he ended up with just 33 yards on 6 carries total. Take away that one big run and you come up with twelve yards on five carries, which looks oddly similar to what he did with the Rams in the regular season. Can't really blame it on a poor offensive line this time, though. 

The NHL All-Star game was a bit better for the 'Lou, as David Backes recorded a trio of assists for Team Lindstrom. (See, Team Lindstrom is named after Niklas Lindstrom, who plays defense for the Red Wings and was one of the team captains. The NHL did this kind of goofy thing this year where they just chose captains and let them pick teams instead of dividing it up by conference. You know, the same way we picked kickball teams in third grade. No word on whether the fat kid was picked last or not.) That's a damned fine performance from a player who has been one of the very few real bright spots for the Blues this year. 

Unfortunately, adding insult to injury (Get it? Injury? 'Cause the Blues have like a whole team of guys on Injured Reserve? Oh, never mind), the MVP of the game was a Chicago Blackhawk. Patrick Sharp scored a goal and notched two assists and took home the hardware even though his team lost. 

Another notable St. Louis performance came from Martin St. Louis, who had a goal and an assist, also in a losing cause. Okay, so Martin St. Louis doesn't actually have anything to do with St. Louis, but it's kind of depressing to have just two guys to talk about here. 

It could have been worse. Backes played a tremendous game, and Steven Jackson didn't break anything while scoring his touchdown. Still, it would be nice to have a couple more names from our local teams to discuss, you know? 
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