Addicted to Love: The Steve Phillips Story

Oct 27, 2009 at 11:19 am
click to enlarge Well, sure. I'll bet she's really funny, though.
Well, sure. I'll bet she's really funny, though.
You know, I've stayed above the fray to this point in the whole Steve Phillips extramarital affair scandal. Ever since I first read about the situation, every single thought I've had for a column to write about it has seemed just way, way too mean. Not to Phillips himself, mind you, because I really don't think he deserves any sort of mercy. But the woman involved, oy.

The poor girl, Brooke Hundley, is getting killed on every single blog, sports channel, radio show, absolutely everything. And not because she had an affair with a married man, mind you. No, she's getting clobbered because she's, well, somewhat less than stunning. (She has been dubbed by the New York Post the "Tubby Temptress," among other things.)

So I've tried to stay out of it. No need for me to add my own nasty commentary on this sordid affair. But now, I just can't help myself any longer. 

See, Steve Phillips has now apparently entered a treatment facility to get help with his Personal Issues. Said Personal Issues are not being disclosed, but we are to believe he apparently suffers from some sort of sexual addiction. 

Okay, no, he doesn't. 

I've cheated on lots of women in my life. I'm not proud of it, but I'm also not going to hide from it. Turning down a free meal, as it were, is not one of my strong suits. Many's the time I've blown up a pretty decent relationship because I just couldn't walk away from some young lady interested in Taking the A Train. 

(By the way, for all the gentlemen out there: no matter how cool you think your personal euphemism for sex is, don't say it out loud. Trust me. It's why I have so few repeat passengers on the A Train.) 

So anyhow, I know what it's like to make a poor decision and blow up your life. At no point, however, have I ever thought to myself, "You know, I'll bet I have a sex addiction! Yeah, that's what's going on here!" 

Now, I don't know Steve Phillips' story, nor do I particularly care. However, I get the feeling his sexual addiction is nothing more than cooked-up public relations, and I don't think it's even to try and rehab his image as a philanderer. No, I think the reason Steve Phillips is being presented to us as an addict, as someone who needs help, is because Brooke Hundley isn't hot. 

Seriously. If this girl were some gorgeous young nymph who tempted Phillips to stray from his wife, it would just be a bad decision. People would condemn him for cheating on his spouse, but that would be all. As it is, though, because the woman involved is a bit on the homely side, Philips needs to do some more damage control. We'll forgive someone for straying, but not for being unattractive. So instead of being a dude who just couldn't keep it in his pants when faced with some college hotness, he has to have some sort of problem beyond just so-so taste. 

Is it possible Steve Phillips really does have some sort of problem? Well, yeah, I guess so. But any problem he might have I would wager has a whole lot more to do with his eyes than his addiction to Trading Scott Kazmir

What? I heard that's what he calls it.