After They Hear Artie Lange's Rants, Joe Buck Washes His Daughters' Mouths with Soap

Dan "The Man" Caesar -
Dan "The Man" Caesar
At Daily RFT we occasionally poke fun (and misspell the name) of Post-Dispatch columnist Dan Caesar.

It's not that we dislike Caesar's writing. It's fine. It's that we wonder why St. Louis needs a dedicated sports-media columnist. (Do the contract negotiations of the local sports shock-jock really qualify as news??)

That said, in sports-talk parlance Caesar "hit it out of the park" this morning with his interview of Joe Buck in the wake of Monday's horrendous debut of the sports broadcaster's new talk show on HBO. You know, the show that was sabotaged by pottymouth guest Artie Lange?

Buck tells Caesar that his biggest concern throughout the Lange segment was that his children were in the audience watching as the comedian went on his profanity-laced tirades on jizz, homosexuals and why Buck's show won't make it.

"The whole time I'm listening I was thinking of my two daughters (age 10 and 13) who were in the crowd," Buck tells Caesar. "I went back to the hotel afterward and pre-emptively washed their mouths out with soap."

And while Buck says he's not all that upset with Lange, his bosses at HBO aren't nearly as forgiving.

HBO Sports President Ross Greenburg tells Caesar: "Frankly, we were stunned. "There was no way to get him off the stage without it looking like a skit. The whole thing caught us off guard."

Yesterday Lange fired back on a satellite radio program: "Artie Lange's on HBO. You think I'm going to do a psalm from the Bible?"

You can read Caesar's entire column here. In this case, his sports-media analysis is definitely worth the read.

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