Ain't No Party Like a Patriot Party, Because a Patriot Party ... Involves "Celebrity Readings of the Bill of Rights"

Dec 29, 2009 at 8:51 am
You could spend your New Year's Eve at a variety of parties in St. Louis. There's Western-themed hoedowns, rollerskating soirées, arts galas and more.

But before you finalize your NYE plans, think about a party that involves local celebrities reading aloud from the Bill of Rights. We've seen the fervor with which diehard conservatives protest -- but how do they party? Attendees at Congressional candidate Ed Martin's New Year's Eve bash in south county should find out. (Full disclosure: RFT staffers are fans of dramatic readings.)

The flier posted on Martin's website.
The flier posted on Martin's website.
That's right, folks: If you're Ed Martin, aspiring legislator and host of this shindig, the best way to spend the final moments of '09 is by reading aloud from the Bill of Rights in the company of local right-wing bloggers.

Sounds like a real blowout, does it not?

Dana Loesch and Bill Hennessy, along with David McArthur, another conservative activist in St. Louis and owner of the politically active McArthur's Bakery, are scheduled to read.

"It's the party of the year," Martin says by phone. "It should be a pretty good night, and if you're a candidate for office, you're excited about anything that gets 150 people in the same room together."

Martin also says that while he couldn't announce it on his website, former St. Louis sports television personality Zip Rzeppa will be in attendance.

About 150 people are expected to attend the party/fundraiser, which will be held at Orlando Gardens' Hoffmeister Avenue location. Attendance costs $65 a pop or $120 per couple and includes drinks and dinner (dessert supplied by McArthur's, naturally), live music (the Chiaband) and the requisite Champagne toast at midnight.