Alderman Freeman Bosley Sr. Says He Won't Accept Donations To Daughter's College Tuition

Freeman Bosley Sr.
Freeman Bosley Sr.

Alderman Freeman Bosley Sr. is not so happy with the Post-Dispatch, the Post-Dispatch reports.

Actually, Bosley's really not pleased with any of the local reporters out there who wrote about the letter he sent soliciting donations to help pay for his daughter's college education.

"Anything I get, I will send it back," he tells Daily RFT on the phone yesterday afternoon.

"Why?" we respond.

"Because of you and other people!" he replies.

As we reported yesterday, Bosley Sr. has received quite a lot of attention for a letter he wrote, that the P-D first obtained, asking supporters to help donate to his daughter's college tuition. She just graduated from high school and plans to attend St. Xavier University in the fall.

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Kenya Young-Bosley is a top student, he said, and was awarded many scholarships -- but still needs a financial boost.

In his letter, he said he needs help paying the remaining $14,276 balance.

In an interview with Daily RFT earlier in the week, he said he didn't understand why everyone was making such a big deal about this. The P-D in its front page story yesterday on the matter, did repeatedly call into question the ethics behind this solicitation, though acknowledged that it appears he did not actually violate any state statutes.

Freeman Bosley Sr. - via YouTube
via YouTube
Freeman Bosley Sr.

Either way, the coverage of the letter seems to have annoyed the alderman quite a bit.

And now, as the P-D reported yesterday afternoon in a follow-up, it seems he'll be giving back any donations he personally receives.

"Anybody that sends me anything relative to my daughter's education, I will send it back," he tells Daily RFT yesterday.

His original letter, however, did advise supporters to donate directly to the university if they were so inclined.

So would those donations still be okay?

"I would not know what they sent to the school unless the school called me," Bosley tells us.

In theory, it seems, he could still get some support from donors directly to the school.

But if the donations reach him, then he's giving them right back, he emphasizes.

Mid-conversation with Daily RFT, he interrupts himself to say that his lawyer will be handling all further questions. He then puts us on the phone with a woman who he says is handling the press. She tells us she would pass our information along to his attorney.

Meanwhile, the Post-Dispatch's second report includes some incredible quotes directly bashing the Post-Dispatch. A sampling:

"Since you made such a stink out of it, I'll return any money. You really have blown that thing well out of proportion. I did nothing wrong."

"The mayor didn't get a letter from me because he ain't my friend."

"I probably have more friends than probably you do because people don't call you and talk about something that would be personal to them."

"I do realize that I'm a walking news story."

Here's a copy of the letter that sparked the whole controversy:

Freeman Bosley Sr. Letter

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