All Eyes on Colorado: 4 Reasons St. Louis Is Jealous of Legal Weed (And 1 Reason We're Not)

Thumbs up to you, Colorado. - rafael-castillo on flickr
rafael-castillo on flickr
Thumbs up to you, Colorado.

The world was watching Colorado yesterday as the state kicked off 2014 with a legal, recreational marijuana market. Thirty-seven stores are now open for business, selling bud and edibles to anyone 21 years and older.

Daily RFT watched with growing jealousy as our sister publication Westword in Denver sent its marijuana critic (a new dream job that comes with its own vaporizer) William Breathes around town on January 1 to see how the social experiment was going.

click to enlarge A legal marijuana purchase - William Breathes
William Breathes
A legal marijuana purchase

Only one piece of news could harsh the buzz from the day of legal weed revelry: This legal shit is expensive.

"What really, really blew my mind was walking out with my wallet $70 lighter for 3.5 grams of pot," Breathes writes for Westword. "Basically, the same Chemdawg that I bought last week at $20 an eighth was going for nearly triple the price. I'm surprised my jaw didn't drop far enough to shatter the glass counter."

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An eighth of top-shelf weed from the Clinic on Colorado cost $70, plus tax, which Breathes calls ", tourist in New York City absurd." Luckily, the cost drops more than $20 for anyone with a medical-marijuana card.

Compare that to $50 for an eighth of high-quality marijuana here in St. Louis, according to the crowd-sourced

click to enlarge Sour Diesel marijuana for sale in Colorado. - William Breathes
Sour Diesel marijuana for sale in Colorado.

The high prices aren't expected to last, but shops need to cover licensing fees and build up their inventories before dropping the price tag. The costliest kush Westword found was in Breckenridge for $25 a gram before taxes.

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In the end, even the steep prices didn't worry Breathes, who bought an eighth of a strain called Velvet Sea. "It's probably the highest-priced bag I've purchased in years," Breathes says, "but the legality of the whole thing (and the fact that i was probably one of the first to make such a purchase) helps ease that, at least for today."

Prices aside, we are totally jealous of Colorado ending the marijuana prohibition, and here's why:

Continue reading for four reasons we're hella jealous.

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