An Office Peeping Tom and Drag Race Love: Another Week in craigslist Missed Connections

Jan 11, 2010 at 8:02 pm
Each week, we scour the local Missed Connections section of Craigslist, in search of the best posts. Here are some that caught our eye recently.

click to enlarge An Office Peeping Tom and Drag Race Love: Another Week in craigslist Missed Connections / CC BY-SA 2.0

Thankyou - 53 - (St.Louis, Mo)
I don't know who you are but your loft is a couple floors above and across from my office on Pine. You dance undressed on your second level floor before the sun awoke. A tall full figured women with long beautiful legs. I will never know your name but I havn't felt like I did that morning for many years. You are a lovely Lady and in your innocence made my day. Thank you

Moto Mart in Boschertown - m4w - 42 - (Saint Charles)
You are the blonde behind the counter. I was buying so stupid crap to eat. WE both caught each other looking when i left. Remember me?

Dammit - w4m -
I know you wanted to keep it casual, but I don't think I can. Its too personal, and I know you feel it too. I don't know how else to tell you. You know who you are....

To the person who owns a White Mustang w/Blue racing stripes - m4w - (Highway B to Hermann)
You were driving your white mustang with blue racing stripes...I think there was two people in the car...I can't say who was in it...But racing through highway B, zig zagging...And turning at high speeds...I just want to say that it was magical.

I passed you last minute before the end of highway B. And you hit your brakes as I passed...Hopefully you get this because great drivers deserve to be friends :P Jk...Kinda corny...who cares...your probably not going to find this posting...Anyways...It was awesome and I would drive with you again anytime... I don't know if your a guy or a chick...So don't think I'm gay or coming on to you...I'm just sayin...It was nice racing with you...Look for the man in the camaro and flash your lights at me sometime...Chances on meeting again, I think are one in a million...Because I won't attempt even coming near you even though I see you around town all the time...

P.s I was only in a rush because I was coming back from St.Louis and really wanted to get back from Hermann...Look for the guy driving the camaro...Make sure you get the right one and flash your lights...See you later.