An Unreal Prize Package

Jan 28, 2009 at 7:05 am
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The Unreal prizes!

(larger photo here)

Unreal has revealed the answers to the 2008 News Quiz.

Unreal explains where all these prizes came from after the jump.

Clockwise from top left:
A: Christmas tree that Unreal Secret Santa dry-humped on the December 5, 2007 cover.

B: Mini-Confederate flag for "Anarchy in the Ozarks."

C: The hardhat from this Mega Blocks CAT toy set appeared on the May 17, 2007 cover.

D: Lock and chain bling for the January 10, 2008 cover, "Lock 'Em Up, Lock 'Em Down."

E: Libby martini glass set maybe used in the 2006 Alternative Energy Best of St. Louis photo illustrations,

F: DVD of Girls Gone Wild at the Vault party taping obtained by RFT through public records request.

G: Billy Bob Teeth, creation of Jonah White, who was written about in Mike Seely's "East Side, Best Side" Calhoun County, Ill., pub crawl story.

H: Piano also from the 2006 Best of St. Louis.

I: G.I. Joe who could've been on the October 30, 2008 cover, but another toy soldier was instead.

J: Rat trap which caught a computer mouse in the June 5, 2008 feature, "Oldest Profession 2.0."