An Unreal Thanksgiving Message

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As Unreal muddles through our tryptophan coma (or not) in the stilliness that inevitably follows Thanksgiving dinner (aside from some stertoriousness around the football game), we will make sure to stumble to our computer to indulge in a few rounds of FreeRice, the most addictive Internet word game ever devised.

In the past few minutes, we have learned that a zax is a roofing hatchet, a boscage is a thicket and gnar means to growl. We plan to start using these words in casual conversation as soon as possible. (And didja see how we used stilly? And stertorious?)

The best part about FreeRice is that for every answer you get right, the United Nations will donate ten grains of rice to hungry people around the world. It doesn’t sound like much, but grains of rice multiply very quickly into a veritable spate and will help abrogate world hunger.


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