And the Winning Todd Akin Headline Is...

Nov 26, 2012 at 9:09 am
Thanks to the more than 40 readers who submitted entries to our headline contest earlier this month. The poll is now officially closed, the votes tabulated and the winner....

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  • the anonymous commenter with the handle "drcoolcat" who submitted the entry: "Donkey Punch 2012."

    Congratulations Mr. Dr. Coolcat. You collected 29 percent of the popular vote. But you weren't necessarily RFT's favorite. That honor would go to the third and fourth-place finishers in the following list of finalists.
    Finalists, Commenter, Percent of Vote:

    1. "Donkey Punch 2012" by Drcoolcat, 29%
    2. "Democrats Have a Way of Shutting That Whole Thing Down" by Chris Miller (via Facebook), 19%
    3. "The Ass Got What He Deserved, The Donkey Got Lucky" by Jeff354, 18.75%
    4. "Todd Achin'" by Michael Allen (via Facebook), 17%
    5. "Butt Akin, It's a Legitimate Rape" by aarond, 7%

    And the November 8 cover (in animated form) that inspired it all...