Angry with Congress? Send Them Some (Plastic, Non-Toxic) Crap

Jul 19, 2010 at 9:02 am
There's a new political crusade afoot, and it's not the Tea Party -- though it could be a byproduct of consuming too much tea and other warm, caffeinated beverages.

Yep, it's a movement (in more ways than one), and now the founding members of C.R.A.P., short for Constructive Resistance Against Politicians, want you to join their cause by mailing a "plastic, non-toxic" turd to your least favorite congressmen or senators.

The St. Louis-based group recently launched the website that allows constituents to mail fake poop to Congress for the low, low price of $6.99. Order three or more craps, and you'll get a pocket-sized version of the Constitution and Declaration of Independence you can share with your friends.

"What we're trying to do here is educate," spokesman Martin Branch tells Daily RFT. "We want people to know what made this country great, and then take a look at where we are today."

Daily RFT: Okay, but why crap?

Martin Branch: Well, this started with a group of six to eight people who would get around and talk politics. Each conversation someone would say, "I'm tired of the crap." It kept getting back to that, and from crap we came up with our acronym.

Are you sure you all aren't part of the Tea Party, with your talk of the Constitution and the founding fathers?

We're a group of average Americans -- not necessarily low income or high income. We're not advocating one party over the other.

Okay, so why launch your site now?

We are frustrated -- as are members of the Tea Party -- with the growth of growth of government and the movement away from our founding principles. The times have led to this type of citizen activism.

You use an attractive, big-busted model as your online pitch person. But wouldn't a better pitchman have been a fat, hairy man seated on a toilet? You know, someone who's shit you definitely don't want to get in the mail?

Yes. That would've caused a reaction. Then again, beautiful women always work, too.

Don't you worry that sending crap to congressmen will only further erode political discourse in America?

No. We're trying to elevate the discourse. We're trying to heighten people's awareness of the Constitution. Our website has a lot of information out there to try to educate people.

And using fake crap to get your point across will only fertilize those efforts?

Yeah. You could say that.

Lastly, where is your crap made? Will plastic-non-toxic-crap-making Americans lose out on this endeavor?

Nope! The crap is made right here in the United States.

Update:'s poop is NOT made in the United States! Read their explanation here.