Angry Words Exchanged in Wal-Green's Checkout Line, Then the Stabbing Begins

Feb 15, 2012 at 12:54 pm
click to enlarge An artist's conception of the line.
An artist's conception of the line.
A 31-year-old woman was in line at an East St. Louis Walgreens with her two daughters on Tuesday morning when another woman bumped her. The bumper said "excuse me" and walked away, but bumped her again when the mother was at the counter.

This time the mother told bumper to go around her because "people were checking out," and the bumper started screaming at her. The cashier, showing more initiative than any Walgreen's checker I've ever encountered, told the bumper to leave the store.

Bumper then drew an undisclosed weapon and stabbed the mother repeatedly in the arm. Because that's what you do when you've bumped someone a couple times -- it's in the Marquis of McMahon rules (see: Every extreme wrestling match ever.)

Police arrested Stabby Bumpsalot, a 35-year old woman whose real name is being withheld until she's charged.