Anonymous Threatens STL County Police Chief's Daughter, Then Backtracks

When it comes to dramatic bluster, there are few that can match Anonymous.

The anarchist hacking network has a reputation for targeting perceived injustices worldwide with creepily narrated video messages and attacks on computer systems. But it appears the death of eighteen-year-old Michael Brown on Saturday pushed Anonymous further than ever -- too far, it turns out.

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"Anonymous will not be satisfied this time, as we have in the past -- with simply obtaining justice for this young man and his family," intones the robo-voice on Anonymous' first video message released Sunday. Since launching its campaign -- called #OpFurguson -- the group set its sights on St. Louis County Police Chief Jon Belmar: The group declared that police abuses would be followed by Anonymous releasing troves of officers' personal data, among other retaliations.

"To the Ferguson Police Department and any other jurisdictions who are deployed to the protests: We are watching you very closely," the video message continues. "If you abuse, harass -- or harm in any way the protesters in Ferguson, we will take every Web-based asset of your departments and governments offline. That is not a threat; it is a promise."

Anonymous hit a number of early victories, including shutting down the Ferguson City Hall website on Tuesday morning. (The website has since been restored.)

On Monday, Chief Belmar told reporters he wasn't too concerned with Anonymous' exposing his officers' personal information.

"I hope that's a hollow threat," he said at the time.

Anonymous responded by posting the names and photos of Belmar's wife and kids to Twitter, as well as Belmar's address.

Anonymous soon escalated its war against Belmar to a much more disturbing level. Following the Tuesday announcement that Ferguson police officials refuse to disclose the name of the officer who shot Brown, #OpFurguson went after his daughter directly. (The Tweet has since been deleted.)

Continue for the surprisingly reasonable conclusion of Anonymous' threat to expose Belmar's daughter.

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