Another Bozo with a Laser Pointer at Lambert

Feb 14, 2012 at 10:11 am
click to enlarge Derp, look at muh lazer! I'm a Jedi!
Derp, look at muh lazer! I'm a Jedi!
Some yahoo with a laser pointer shined his beam into the left side of a 737's cockpit around 6:20 p.m. Sunday at Lambert St. Louis International Airport.

The plane was still five miles out and 2,000 feet up at the time, but details on which airline owns the plane and what direction the plane was arriving from are being withheld, presumably to discourage other assholes from using the information to discern where they, too, can get a hard-on while potentially temporarily blinding a pilot and endangering passengers.

Look, morons, flying is difficult enough at this point.

There are security scans with long lines, you have to arrive two hours early to allow for all the time it takes for a frustrated TSA agent to explain to some dipstick that you can't bring a whole bottle of shampoo with you anymore while we all stand around in our socks with our pants falling down, and the last time I went to Lambert to pick up someone there were a pair of cops pulling us over to search vehicles and check ID's before you can even get into the damn parking garage. Keep this kind of ignorant shit up and we'll end up having to park three miles from the airport and all ride a prison bus while in our underwear to the actual airport. Jackasses.