Another Study Ranks St. Louis as Nation's Most Dangerous City

Feb 17, 2011 at 3:01 pm
For the second time in three months a national study has named St. Louis the most dangerous city in the nation based on FBI crime data.

The latest survey comes via U.S. News and World Report that looks at crime numbers over seven years (2003-2009) as crunched by the real estate information firm, Onboard Informatics. According to their math, St. Louis had the highest crime rate of any major American city in those years, with a "crime index" of 530. The average national crime index, by comparison, was 100 during that time, meaning St. Louis' crime rate was five times the national average.

Following is a list of the top-ten most dangerous cities according to the study:

1. St. Louis: 530
2. Atlanta: 484
3. Birmingham Alabama (tie): 380
3. Orlando (tie): 380
5. Detroit: 369
6. Memphis: 361
7. Miami: 346
8. Baltimore: 339
9. Kansas City, Missouri: 337
10. Minneapolis (tie): 331
10. Cleveland (tie): 331