Anthony Reyes Update

Aug 28, 2008 at 11:17 am

It's that time again! Time for the moment you've waited for all week, the moment when all your questions (or at least your ex-Cardinal pitcher questions), will be answered.

It's time again for the Anthony Reyes Watch.

Once again this week, we're faced with a rather trim week for the ARW, but that's never stopped us before, now has it?

AP/The Canadian Press (Frank Gunn)

Anthony, playing for what is suddenly the hottest team in all of baseball, made one start since we last looked in on him. On a Sunday night, down in the heart of Texas, Anthony threw against the high-powered offense of the Rangers and came away victorious.

All four of the hits Anthony gave up were of the single base variety, continuing a trend we've seen with Reyes since his departure from St. Louis. He was a little bit wild, but certainly still got the job done.

In 24.1 innings with the Indians, Anthony now has an ERA of 2.22. He's averaging almost exactly six innings per start. He still has that ugly strikeout-to-walk ratio that's almost even. Still a mixed bag, but so far at least, the results are there.

By my count, next week's Reyes Watch should include a pair of starts. Be still, my heart.

Innings - 7.0 Runs - Hits -4 Strikeouts - 4 Walks - 4

- Aaron Schafer