Are There Any Heroes Left, and Where the Heck Are They?

Week of December 11, 2002

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Lynda Daniels
"There's no heroes in real-life. There's our police -- they're hypocrites -- and the politicians, they all lie to cover their own asses. The only hero I can think of is Superman. Yeah, he's always there to save the day -- or is that Mighty Mouse?"

G. Wayne Wilcox
Inventor, Bicycle Brand Blank Books
"Paul Tibbets, the man who flew the Enola Gay that bombed Hiroshima, and you can find him in a little town up around Rockford, Illinois. He runs a bar there. And he's a hero because he was not told the exact purpose of his mission and so he's had to deal with the massive consequences of his actions his whole life. It's amazing he hasn't tried to commit suicide!"

Marcia Conaghan
Owner, Greeting Gallery
"I think there's everyday heroes and then people whose lives are dedicated to heroic efforts. Jean Ponzi falls in the last category. Her talk show, Earthworms, on KDHX is all about environmental issues and always thought-provoking. She's a hero, at least to me, because she's devoted herself to trying to raise consciousness about the environment."

Jennifer Roques
Student, St. Louis Community College-Forest Park
"There's not any in the mainstream that I know of. My heroes are people who try to make a positive change in this country and who're going against the grain doing it. Revolutionary writers like Noam Chomsky and Mumia Abu-Jamal -- he used to be on NPR, and now he's in prison. Oh, and anyone who opposes this war for oil is definitely a hero in my book."

"I'm a hero! People just don't know it. Seriously! As an entertainer, I have a great love and respect for myself. I carry myself like a role model, and I'm willing to shed some of that -- a part of me -- with the world. That alone is enough to be looked at as a hero, a mentor or an idol. Look for single -- 'I'm the Hero.'"

Nina Ganci
Owner/Designer, Skif International
"My hero is Yohji Yamamoto. He's a Japanese fashion designer who is absolutely phenomenal. His clothes are beautiful. His shapes are sexy and avant-garde. He's just the best, a creative master. Many times I wonder: 'What would Yohji do?'"

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