Are You Against Local Control of the St. Louis Police Department? Then "Friend" It!

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click to enlarge It's what you do when you're friends.
It's what you do when you're friends.
Is it me? Or does everyone and everything have a Facebook page these days?

That said, are you a "friend" yet of this mouthful of a Facebook profile: "Citizens of the State of Missouri Against Local Control of the MPD-STL"?

The Facebook page seems to have popped up last month, shortly after Mayor Francis Slay -- prompted by a critical state audit of the St. Louis police department -- once again called for local control of the agency.  

So, why is the Facebook group against city oversight of the department?

Based on the comments left on Facebook, it seems they're afraid city officials would ransack the police pension fund if oversight of the department was shifted from state to local control. 

Such action would almost surely open the city up to a slew of lawsuits and legal challenges. So, one wonders, could other -- lazier -- functions be at play as well?

As it stands now, the police department is run by a governor-appointed board composed mostly of people who know next to nothing about policing.

Moreover, although city taxpayers pay for the police force, it's Jefferson City who the department ultimately answers to. Is it really such a stretch to imagine that a legislator from bumblefuck Missour-ah would be a lot less concerned about crime and policing in the city than a St. Louis alderman?

In short: If you're a city cop why would you want the additional accountability of local control when you can get away with a lot more under the current system?

This post probably isn't making "friends" with many members of the Facebook page mentioned above (or for that matter the St. Louis Police Officers Association), but, well, just sayin'.

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