Are You Getting Touched Enough?

Week of June 5, 2002

Jun 5, 2002 at 4:00 am
Joe Van Acker
"No, because my girlfriend's pregnant and she's not really into touching right now -- it's OK, I can hang for a while."

Maureen Christensen
President, George Clooney Fan Club
"Well, you know, by other human hands and my cat, yes. But not enough by the light. It's not my turn yet to be touched by the light."

Christy O'Neil
Cat Juggler
"No! My boyfriend and I sleep apart because I'm anal about the bedding and he messes up the covers and I banish him to Futon City -- that's what I call it."

L.M. Berry
Tour Guide, Wally World
"Well, maybe not enough, but I'm getting touched. That's all I can say about that."

Debra Clyne
"If you ask my husband he would probably say no to that. He's always saying the dog gets more attention than he does. But I would say yes, because I have a very affectionate husband who spoils me rotten -- and in return I spoil the dog."

Bryan Kweskin
Free Lance Audio Engineer
"I get touched plenty, but there are no witnesses. Oh, and I'm accepting offers, like any natural man."