Are You Happy with Your Name?

Street Talk published the week of July 5-11, 2000

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Uta Gleiser

"Uta is an old Nordic name. I like it because it's short and no one can make a cute version out it, like Suzanne to Susie or Katherine to Katie. Nobody does that with my name. And I like the meaning of it. The meaning is 'strong-minded.'"

Keith Sharp
Manager, Futon Express

"I like my name very much, thank you. It suits me well. I tell people I'm sharp by name and sharp by nature."

Jim Molnar
Rotarian Man of the Year

"I like my name because it makes me original. I thought about changing it to Antonio Twistelli, but that was taken."

Julie Kidwell

"I've grown to like my first name because nobody really has the formal version, Juliellen. My last name I got teased about when growing up. Some people tell me it sounds like a gangster name. The Kidwells are Scots-English. They fought in the Revolution and never could hold onto anything. We do have a crest. It has a couple of lions on it, skinny ones."

Karla Terry
Lounge Singer

"I hate my name. The last three guys I dated, I tried to change my name to theirs, but it didn't work."

Mike Stathopulos
Beignet Chef, BB's Jazz, Blues & Soups

"I love my name because it's long enough that people take notice of it, yet it's very phonetic and easy to spell. And then it means something. It means 'the guy who knows the way things are supposed to be.'"

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