Are You Still in Touch with the Person to Whom You Lost Your Virginity?

Week of August 18, 2004

Katie Clancy
Waitress, Broadway Oyster Bar
"I try my hardest not to keep in touch with him. We run in different circles, but occasionally we run into each other and it's always a long, uncomfortable moment, and then we go our separate ways and pretend we didn't just meet. I think he would agree. No, I definitely try not to see him."

Sam J. the Barber
Owner, Professional Cuts and Styles
"You know, it's been so long I don't remember [who it was], but my current lady, it's so good with her it's like I'm a virgin all over again when we do have sex. Every time is like my first time."

Albert Watkins
Attorney, Kodner, Watkins, Muchnick, Dunne & Weigley
"I keep in contact with all the women to whom I've lost my virginity. I like to believe I lose a little each time the wind blows."

Norman C. Hamilton
Retired Deckhand, Gateway Harbor Service
"No, she's been dead for 46 years now. JoAnn, she was my school-days sweetheart. I probably would've married her if she hadn't...anyway, she was a cute kid. I really miss her."

Scottie Floyd
Social Worker
"Oh, no! I grew up in a trailer park in South Carolina, and I lost my virginity to my babysitter. I was 17 and she was 34. And when we were finished, she took potted meat product, rubbed it on her crotch and let the cat lick it off. I excused myself to the bathroom, climbed out the window and never saw that trailer-park floozy again."

Jenita Hladyshewsky
Adjunct Faculty, Communications -- SIU Edwardsville
"No, my mother would never approve. He was not marriage material. As my mom, the ex-nun, would say: 'If you're going to give it up, make sure it's marriage material.'"

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