Baseball Card of the Week: Zack Greinke

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I don't know if anyone's noticed, but something pretty extraordinary is happening on the other side of the state.
2002 Zack Greinke Rookie Card by Bowman
2002 Zack Greinke Rookie Card by Bowman
Of course, I'm sure that a lot of you recall when Greinke actually left the Royals in 2006 due to what was termed at the time "personal issues." Greinke missed almost the entire '06 season before righting the ship and returning to the game.

We now know that the kid was fighting depression and anxiety disorders, which I'm sure were only exacerbated by the misery of playing baseball in a situation as hopeless as the one that Kansas City found themselves in just a couple years ago. 

But now, the Royals are a legitimate team again, for the first time since, well, right around when George Brett hung up his spikes. They've got one of the most dangerous rotations in baseball, led by the aforementioned KC Colossus, an outstanding closer in Joaquin Soria, and an offense with some very promising young pieces. They lead the AL Central at the moment, and I have to say, that's a pretty bad division overall (and by pretty bad I mean awful), and I think Kansas City just may be the class of it.

As for Greinke, can he maintain this pace for long? Frankly, probably not. Don't get me wrong; he is certainly one of the best pitchers in baseball, and will likely remain so for the foreseeable future. But at some point, some of those fly ball outs are going to start leaving the park, and his numbers will start to look more like those of an ace major league pitcher, and less like one of pitching lines you could put up on Baseball Simulator 1.000. 

Alex Eisenberg of Baseball Intellect recently did a remarkable, detailed analysis of Greinke's delivery, and likes what he sees. Check it out, and leave Alex a nice note while you're over there, as he does fantastic work all year 'round. 

Still, if nothing else, it's great to see a guy with so much talent, who seemed so lost just a couple of years ago, get himself pointed in the right direction. Now, if only we could figure out some way to get him over to the east side of the state on a more or less permanent basis...

And now, some video from Greinke's last start: 

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