Bear on the Loose at Saint Louis Zoo (Again)

No word on if he's hiding in the Build-a-Bear

Feb 23, 2023 at 2:00 pm
Not Ben, but maybe one of his cousins. - Flickr / Daniela Gozzi
Flickr / Daniela Gozzi
Not Ben, but maybe one of his cousins.

For the second time this month, Ben the bear broke free from his confinement at the Saint Louis Zoo.

KMOV reported at 1:24 p.m. that the Andean bear broke out of its confinement in the River’s Edge section of the zoo earlier this afternoon. Zoo officials told FOX2 that they could see Ben, who was wandering around the River’s Edge area.

The zoo was locked down, with a shelter-in-place order in effect. People around the zoo were encouraged to stay in their cars.

Shortly after he broke out, zoo officials told KMOV that the bear had been “darted” and transported to his habitat.
This marks the second time that Ben has escaped his enclosure this month.

On February 8, the three-year-old bear, who originally came from the Queens Zoo in New York in 2021, broke out for an hour and a half before he was tranquilized. Without any human involvement, Ben was able to tinker with the steel mesh blocking him in.

Now Ben is back to his old shenanigans. Stay tuned for more information.

This story has been updated with new information.

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