Becky Queen of Carpets Goes Out of Business, But Her Cray-Cray Commercials Will Live On

After 58 years in business, Becky "Queen of Carpets" Rothman has abruptly called it quits (KSDK Channel 5 broke the news Monday night). While Daily RFT tries to find out why, we'll tide you over with some of her awesomely horrible commercials from the 90s. (Want more? Check out her YouTube channel, or our recent feature on other schlocky old ads by Schweig Engel, Steve Mizerany, Slyman Bros. and Uncle Leonard).

Becky Jumps from the Arch (and Doesn't Die)

Becky Jumps from Arch (and Severely Injures Herself)

Becky and Wildman Salesfreak, Steve Mizerany

Becky and Her Dog

Becky's Head Blows Up In Your Face

One of Her Last Commercials (and Best Musical Performances)
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