Belleville Bully Pleads Not Guilty To Videotaped Assault

Sep 21, 2009 at 1:00 pm

Apparently beating the living crap out of someone -- twice -- then having a videotape of said beating circulate on the Interwebz isn't enough to warrant a guilty plea.

The fourteen-year-old bully in the infamous Belleville West High School bus incident was in court this morning. He pleaded not guilty to felony aggravated battery charges. 
A judge released the teen -- who has not been named because he's a juvenile -- to his father's custody on the condition that he stay home except to attend court-ordered evaluations and go to school. (Let's hope he's not taking the bus!) 

After his son was charged on Friday, Joe Fischer, the boy's father, told the Belleville News-Democrat that there was "no basis for an assault charge."

Hmm. One wonders if Fischer has seen the widely available video of his son repeatedly punching another student in the face.

click to enlarge Belleville Bully Pleads Not Guilty To Videotaped Assault

The other revelation that came this morning in the case is that the prosecutor claimed the second assailant charged in the incident, a fifteen-year-old, flashed gang signs after the attack.

Daily RFT
 has contacted assistant U.S. Attorney William Clay, the St. Clair County prosecutor handling the case, to clarify what gang signs were flashed. See for yourself in the video, about a minute and 45 seconds into it.

Check back on this post for updates when we get them.

In the meantime here are the links to the coverage of this morning's hearing in the BND and the Post-Dispatch.