Bill Requires Doctors to Alert Prosecutors When Teens Seek Abortion

Mar 31, 2010 at 8:44 am
A controversial abortion bill cleared the Missouri House yesterday by a vote of 113-37.

The legislation (HB 1327) sponsored by Cynthia Davis (R - O'Fallon) contains a number of restrictions aimed at making it more difficult to get an abortion in Missouri. Those include:
  • Requiring that women be presented with pro-life material 24 hours prior to a scheduled abortion.
  • Requiring that women be informed about the pain the fetus would experience during the procedure.
  • Making it a felony to coerce a women to getting an abortion
  • Requiring that doctors alert the county prosecutor any time a teen younger than 18 seeks an abortion
  • Requiring that tissue samples of aborted fetus be kept for DNA identification

The bill now heads to the Senate for debate. Responding to criticism from her female colleagues in the House, Davis told
"Abortion is a kind of domestic violence as well. Women don't naturally want to kill their offspring. Women who are loved, cared for and supported don't mind having their own child."
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