Birthers Alive and Well in Missouri Legislature

Rep. Lyle Rowland
Rep. Lyle Rowland
We know. You thought the conspiracy surrounding President Barack Obama's birthplace was so 2009.

But, hey, we're talking about Jefferson City here, a place where everything -- fashion, movies, hairstyles -- arrives after everyone else everywhere has moved onto the next thing.

So is anyone really surprised, then, by state Rep. Lyle Rowland's HB 1046? The legislation from the Republican politician whose district borders Arkansas requires "each established political party to provide the Missouri Secretary of State with verifiable proof of the identity and proof of status as a natural born citizen of the United States for each nominee for president and vice president of the United States."

"We are here in the Show-Me State and we just want to be shown if what they [candidates] claim to be is true," said Rowland yesterday in a soundbite on KMOX.

Detractors noted that the bill was an "utter waste of time." Or, in other words, the perfect distraction for lawmakers, who've already heard several readings of the bill and moved it to committee.
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