Bitching About All-Star Clean-Up

If you haven't read our "Extreme Makeover: All-Star Edition" feature story this week (and since it was just published a few hours ago, you probably haven't) click here to check it out. 

Too lazy to click on the link? Here's the scoop: it's all about St. Louis' extensive preparations for the All-Star Game -- from repaving the streets around Busch Stadium to building Citygarden to the softball field of dreams at Busch Stadium --  and what the city hopes to accomplish by putting it's best face forward for all the out-of-towners. It also raises the question: why isn't this type of clean-up/infrastructure-building happening 365 days a year?

Turns out we aren't the only ones to notice all the extra-special sprucing up. Local blogger Pamela Merritt--who pens Angry Black Bitch (the RFT's Best Blog of 2008) -- published her own scathing observations this morning:

City officials have taken to the news to get their brag on about the power washed streets and sidewalks...the broken windows that have been replaced...the fresh coats of paint on many a building...banners and streamers and fresh flowers and grass...and, last but not least, the clean-up along highway 70 involving long overdue trash pick up and mowing.

On one hand it feels much like what goes on in the House of Bitchitude when we're going to have company. We clean and fix shit, wash and brush the dawgs and put out the decent silverware.

...St. Louis city got their clean on too swiftly with too much accuracy...much like this bitch does when someone says they're going to drop by the house...I knew that shit was there but I don't want other people to know that shit is there.

A bitch suspects that the same shit is going on with St. Louis city and I'd like to suggest to city planners what I often suggest to myself after I clean the hell out of the house and then survey the enjoyable neatness with guests - mayhap we should try this clean-up fix-up bitness more often and for our own damn selves?

Sounds like the city just got bitch slapped.
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