Bizarre STD/HIV Twitter Attack, Assault Claims in Chris Carter V. Pam Boyd Aldermen Race

Mar 5, 2013 at 8:00 am
Chris Carter - via Twitter
via Twitter
Chris Carter

This is weird.

The local races for Board of Aldermen seats in St. Louis don't generally get a whole lot of mainstream media attention -- but here at Daily RFT, we couldn't ignore the craziness that has apparently occurred in the the 27th Ward.

Chris Carter, who has held the seat since October, is up against Committeewoman Pamela Boyd. Both have said some pretty salacious things on Twitter tied to a scuffle last month in which Boyd's 70-year-old husband got in some sort of dispute with Carter at a public meeting. Boyd tweeted that her husband was attacked and rushed to the hospital. And Carter, apparently sick of Twitter attacks against him, sent out this public tweet to an opponent: "you are the reason why your zip code is #1 in STD's and HIV." Actually.

Local politics, y'all! Screenshots galore below.

First, here's a screengrab of a series of tweets from Boyd about the alleged incident on Saturday February 16.

And here's a now-deleted tweet from Carter after the incident directed at someone who was apparently bothering him about the accusations that he attacked the 70-year-old man:

What happened on the 16th?

An official St. Louis metro police report provided to Daily RFT says there was a "general peace disturbance" at the New Northside Conference Center on Goodfellow Boulevard, where Carter was hosting a community event.

The "suspect" is listed as the 70-year-old male, who police don't name, but appears, based on Boyd's tweets and Carter's account, to be Boyd's husband, Nathan, who is a committee man.

Police say:

At the time of the disturbance there was a meeting at the center being facilitated by Alderman Chris Carter. There was a verbal dispute between Alderman Carter and the suspect who was in attendance at the meeting. The male suspect was issued a summons for general peace disturbance.

That's it.

Boyd did not return calls for comment. Carter did -- and tells us that Boyd and her husband showed up at the end of the meeting and made a scene, demanding that they be allowed to comment at this neighborhood meeting. Carter says he told them it was too late.

Continue for Chris Carter's account of the event -- and explanation of the STD tweet.