Blues vs. Sharks, Tonight at Ronnies 20 Cine

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click to enlarge Team Captain David Backes also has his admirers among the RFT staff.
Team Captain David Backes also has his admirers among the RFT staff.
The Blues delivered this season on the promises of past years'. They're a young, exciting team that plays a hard-charging game, and as Roman Polak showed with his total destruction of Justin Braun at the end of game three in this playoff series, they're capable of beating you with more than just skill. This is a team that's made a lot of new fans, especially young ones.

So if you've got a young hockey fan in your house and you want to make tonight's game four a bit more of an event, where can you go? You don't wanna take the kids to a sports bar, and you're certainly not going to take 'em back to Hooters (you'll never hear the end of that, by the way), so big game destinations are limited. Or at least they were -- you can watch the games for free on the big screen at Ronnies 20 Cine in South County.

Ronnies will have tonight's game playing on their drive-in screen, which is oddly enough inside the building. It's the one with the fleet of fake car back seats arrayed in front of it; where else can you watch the game from the back half of a fake late '50s T-Bird?

Due to popular demand Ronnies will also have the game playing on one of the auditorium screens, and they're also running their $18 bucket special again: four, sixteen-ounce beers and a 170-ounce popcorn. The popcorn's refillable, by the way, so you're covered if they go into overtime. The puck drops at 6:30 p.m.

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