Bold Prediction: Battlehawks Last the Entire Year

Looking ahead to St. Louis in 2023

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We see the Battlehawks being in it for the long haul. Well, at least a year.

St. Louis is used to getting football stolen from the city. We had the Rams, the Super Bowl-winning Rams. Then the man who we will not speak of took them to Los Angeles. We had the Battlehawks, who were 3-2, very St. Louis, and leading the league in attendance. Then COVID-19 took that.

But now, football is back. And we have a really bold prediction: The Battlehawks will finish one season. Yes, we know. This is a bold one. One whole year.

But we're feeling good about this year. We really are. We know what happened last time. We know how many minor leagues like this have failed. The Battlehawks flew in and gave us hope. We packed the stadium, and they flew away. Then COVID-19 canceled the league, and it ended in shambles, filing for bankruptcy. The league seemed doomed to die, and football would never return to St. Louis.

This time feels different, though. For starters, the XFL is run by The Rock. Enough said. Secondly, it signed a five-year contract with ESPN and Walt Disney. Thirdly, the Battlehawks might have the best quarterback in the league with former Alabama star A.J. McCarron. Fourthly, it's time for some good karma to hit St. Louis football. Fifthly, this is St. Louis. It doesn't matter how bad the team is or what league they're playing in or really anything. If there's a team in St. Louis, St. Louis is going to show up, Budweiser in hand, screaming about the 'Hawks.

Welcome to Bold Predictions for 2023, an effort to forecast what the future holds for the St. Louis region.

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