Boxers Or Briefs?

Week of May 1, 2002

May 1, 2002 at 4:00 am
Rachel Westmoreland
Sales, All-State Insurance
"Boxers -- they're comfortable, and you can wear them around the house. I don't think I'd prefer a man in briefs. If a man wears briefs, I have to wonder if he thinks he's hot or if he's sleeping around, because briefs give that impression."

Dave Gratz
Charter Member, Old Fat Lizards
Summer Social Club

"As long as they're not legal briefs, I prefer briefs -- mainly because I can keep my business close at hand even when I don't have my hands in my pockets."

"Briefs. The cute, little tight ones -- what do ya call 'em? Boxer briefs. I don't want to see a guy's legs, I want to see his thighs. With those, you get to see the form; it's intriguing. And I wear them to bed, because they make me feel sexy. They have that little flap, and I can put my hand in there and touch myself."

Warren Liddell
Nursing Student, St. Louis Community College
"Briefs have you all drawed up, and they make you 'smaller' -- that's what I heard. Boxers can ride up on you, but when briefs ride up on you, man! You have to stop what you're doing and fix it. And women think boxers are sexier; they even buy them for their men. I think if you were about to go there with a woman and she saw you had on briefs, she might be turned off."

Thomas Kevin "TKO" O'Brien
Taxi Driver
I'm a lifelong boxer-shorts man. They're cooler, more sanitary. Briefs are too confining. They chafe and give you jock itch."

July Johnson
Attendant, St. Louis Parking
"Briefs fit closer and better. Boxers is just like pajamas without the laces. You're always pulling 'em up; they like to fall off while you're wearing 'em. I don't see why they even sell 'em, tell you the truth."