Branson Has One of Nation's Most Stress-Free Airports (With Two Flights a Day)

Apr 11, 2011 at 3:34 pm
Airport employees practice the "Branson Wave."
Airport employees practice the "Branson Wave."
Daily RFT was happy to learn that Missouri has one of the most stress-free airports in the county. The website breaks the news this month.

According to the site, Branson Airport's rustic lodge, with its wood beams, water wheel, general store, and barbecue restaurant, makes you forget you're in an airport. But what the site really likes is that airport employees come out to the runway for the "Branson Wave" to say goodbye to departing planes.

Though here's what SmarterTravel forgets to mention. The brand new Branson Airport -- opened in 2009 -- has just two departures a day.

Hard to be too stressed in that environment.