Breathe Easy, Charter and KMOV (Channel 4) Have Reached a Tentative Deal

Dec 29, 2008 at 3:21 pm
The local daily is reporting that Charter Communications and KMOV (Channel 4) have reached a tentative agreement. This means that we'll still see Larry Conners (in the snakeskin boots there), Vickie Newton, John Mills and the rest of the KMOV local news family each night.

The cable company was in a dispute with the Belo Corp. (KMOV's Dallas-based parent company) over Charter's refusal to pay Belo a fee to carry its programming. Charter pays other television stations a fee.

The tentative deal is all well and good, but the real winners are us, the St. Louis viewers, who will still be able to watch KMOV reporter Larry Conners on television. As you may remember, he's the anchor who got Tazed for a story. A Peabody contender it ain't, but ratings? Oh yes. Clip after the jump.

Even if KMOV and Charter's truce doesn't hold up, it would not be surprising to see 'MOVers on other stations around town, as downsizing could occur in order to cut costs after a likely drop in ad revenue. Conners has been on the air at KMOV since '86 and seems as hearty as ever, as the clip clearly shows.

With the merger of KTVI and KPLR going through a few months ago, the prospect of having to choose between KTVI's coverage and KSDK's sugary in-house commercials, some might have been forced to stop watching the news altogether, or -- wait for it -- go online for their news.

- Nick Lucchesi