Brentwood Approves Smoking Ban

Aug 17, 2010 at 12:11 pm
A strict smoking ban will go into effect in Brentwood beginning January 1. The Brentwood city council approved the measure by a 7 -1 vote last night.

Unlike the ban for all of St. Louis County -- which goes also goes into effect this January -- the Brentwood law does not exempt "drinking bars" (those that derive less than 25 percent of their revenue from food) from the ban.

The Brentwood ban overcame opposition from Double D Lounge and Sideline Bar & Grill as well as anti-ban advocate Bill Hannegan.

"The 'over 21' Double D Lounge has spent a great deal of money installing the most effective air purification system of any bar in St. Louis City or County," wrote Hannegan in an email to Brentwood's council last week. "Don't they deserve an exemption? Sidelines is an old-timer's bar not bothering anyone. Why bother them? And can't the war veterans at the American Legion Hall make their own decisions? Why put Brentwood through all this trouble and expense just to restrict three adult establishments?"