Bristol Palin Uninvited to Lecture Wash. U. Students on Sex

Washington University students learned a valuable lesson on romance a week prior to their annual "Sex Week." Yes, single mothers can be alluring, but often they come with too much baggage to make it work.

So it is that the school's Student Health Advisory Committee has uninvited Bristol Palin to serve as the keynote speaker at the school's annual "Sex Week".

Palin, the daughter of the '08 Republican vice-presidential candidate Sarah Palin, was to discuss abstinence with students next month. The 20-year-old reality-TV star has somehow re-branded herself an expert on the topic of chastity after giving birth to a child at the age of 18.

A decision by student leaders earlier this week to use $20,000 in student activity fees to visit the school enraged much of the student body, who view her current change of heart on pre-marital sex as hypocritical.

As the school's paper reports today, dozens of undergraduates showed up yesterday at a the Student Union Senate meeting to protest Palin's invitation. A Facebook page demanding that her invite be rescinded had over 1,100 members by yesterday.

The president of the Student Health Advisory Committee tells the school's Student Life that the decision to sever ties with Palin was 100 percent mutual with Palin and the student group agreeing that the controversy was too large of a distraction to carry on.
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