Brought to You by a St. Louis Satirist

By day, he does PR for the St. Louis Science Center. By night, satire. Chris Files, creator of The Files Files, you might say, has it all.

click to enlarge Chris Files' Files Files
Chris Files' Files Files

Chris Files' Files Files

Check out Files’ videos “The P.I.T.S. Campaign” and “Extreme Birdwatching,” and you’ll probably agree that the Science Center, albeit totally awesome, doesn’t allow Files to fully tap his creative neuroses -- and that’s a good thing.

The site is only three-months-old, Files tells Unreal, with much more content coming. Below, are a few outtakes from a brief interview with Files. Watch for more in an upcoming issue of the newspaper.

On filming satire:

My friend Mike Merenda is the cameraman for the videos. He went to Chicago Film School, Columbia College I think it was, and he’s a filmmaker-slash- gas-station-attendant. I guess he’s trying to decide which career path he likes. They obviously both have their perks. He’s great with the camera. We edit the films together. I write the films. I’m in a few. I recruit friends to be in the rest of them. We’re editing the fourth one now.

‘Cyber Talk’ is in a film competition sponsored by Windward Reports -- which, I don’t know what they do, I think it’s make some kind of computer programming -- and the film that receives the most votes wins $10,000…. It’s just one step below Sundance, more like Cannes. But obviously it is the first step on the road to Sundance.

On “The P.I.T.S. Campaign”:

I’d like to think I was the first person to pee in the shower, ever. It’s a trend that’s catching on, let me tell you, just ask my wife.


The St. Louis drinking water is great. I just heard this story recently that we have the best tap water in the country. I’m not sure if the P.I.T.S. campaign has anything to do with that, but I’d like to think it does. I fully endorse drinking our tap water as much as I endorse peeing in the shower.

By the way, one of Files’ alter-egos made a previous appearance here on A to Z.


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