Burned Bagel Menaces St. Louis Airline Passengers, Leads to Terminal Evacuation

Burned Bagel Menaces St. Louis Airline Passengers, Leads to Terminal Evacuation
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Last night, travelers hoping to maintain their post-Christmas cheer while waiting for flights out of St. Louis Lambert International Airport were instead treated to the chill of the freezing outdoors — all thanks to a burned bagel.

It is not clear whether this bagel was plain, seeded, or embedded with raisins, but what we do know, as first reported by KMOV, was that around 6:40 p.m. the bread-based threat set off fire alarms, causing an evacuation of Terminal 2.

According to an official statement later released over social media, airport officials confirmed that a "temporary partial evacuation" was ordered "out of an abundance of caution after alarm detected smoke near a restaurant." The evacuation — which forced hundreds of people to shuffle onto the freezing tarmac outside — lasted about five minutes before passengers were allowed to return. 

Of course, then they had to go through security again.

And what's a good bagel incident without full on-the-ground coverage? In the midst of the drama was TV anchor and reporter Jacob Long, a familiar face to KSDK viewers for the past two years. Granted, Long wasn't on the clock. Having moved to the Boston area in October, Long was waiting for his flight back east after enjoying a few days home in St. Louis for the holidays. But the bagel had other plans, and, like a journalistic John McClane, Long leapt into action, beating every St. Louis news outlet to the story in the process.

While the situation was obviously annoying (and cold!!) passengers were still able to make their flights. Maybe we should just be glad it was a bagel and not something with actual consequences.

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