Can Certified Sex Therapist Darcy Luadzers Get a Daily RFT Reader Off?

Daily RFT recently came into possession of Certified Sex Therapist and University of South Carolina Gamecock Dr. Darcy Luadzers' Virgin Sex for Guys and Virgin Sex for Girls. Rather than let Dr. Darcy's work go to waste, we're answering your questions with her verbatim advice!

Today's question, which was appended as a comment to Dr. Darcy's last entry and is reproduced with a great big [sic] here:
i would like to know if a woman has a hard time having an orgasm is there some kind of pill to help get off sooner. it usually takes 45 min to an hour. he is great with the oral and gets me off everytime before he even thinks of himself..i know i cant get off during intercourse except with my x husband he had an 7 1/2 and thick my new boyfriend is 5" but thin.. i wish we could have an orgasm during intercourse.. we would like to have me cum faster.. but i am not that sensitive. so my question is there anything to make me more sensitive

Dr. Darcy's answer, after the jump...

Some women have orgasms only by themselves and not with a partner, that is, they may have orgasms through masturbation, but not with a sexual partner. Many women do not have orgasms all the time, with every sexual experience. Sadly, most teenage girls do not have orgasms with their male partners. Usually, this is from a lack of experience, girls not knowing how to have an orgasm and boys not knowing how to give them one. This situation is a result of girls not knowing their own bodies or girls not using their sexual voice to tell their partners what they want. And this is also a result of guys not knowing or caring about what they are doing as regards a girl's needs. Girls, this needs to change, and YOU need to be the one to change it. Remember: if you're not getting anything out of sex, this is called bad sex.

-Virgin Sex for Girls, p. 165-166
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