Can Intellectuals Fall in Love?

Street Talk published the week of June 21-27, 2000

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Grant Llewellyn
Conductor, Radamisto, Opera Theatre of St. Louis

"Absolutely! And I don't equate intellectuals with anything, apart from the fact that those people are intrigued and interested in a broad section of life and academic interests. And I think where the talent really lies is in those people who can process that, and though I am not an intellectual, my instinct tells me that the more you know, the more you love."

Hon. Anna Forder
Circuit Judge, Division 16, Criminal Courts

"Yeah, sure. They can make mistakes like the rest of us."

Stephen Fairbanks
Loudmouth Genius

"Not if they're smart -- although I have, which, I guess, makes me a stupid, lovestruck intellectual."

Carol Brayton
Gardener, Molly's Bar

"I would say yes, as long as they maintain a good academic relationship."

Dan Yeager
Itinerant Musician

"Of course they can, but love doesn't count. Appreciation counts. Only appreciation lasts. You may love a woman and she'll spurn you. A month later you despise her. But if you appreciate a woman, you will crawl behind her over broken glass and love every minute of it."

Andrew Drury
Jazz Composer/Drummer, Brooklyn, N.Y.

"Yes, I do, and it makes for great Woody Allen movies. But really, it's a myth that intellectuals lack passion. I don't buy that either/or thing: Either you operate from your head or your heart. Any human can fall in love, and your intellect, your underlying psyche, can either help you or hurt you in your loving endeavors."

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