Candy Bar Says St. Louis is the Sixth-Manliest City In America

Jul 12, 2010 at 8:49 am
And if Combos® -- "the hearty, pretzel and cracker snack made with real cheese" - says we're manly then you can bet your testosterone-pumping testicles that it's true.

Yes, in one of the more bizarre marketing ploys we've seen so far this year, Mars Snackfood US commissioned a study by Bert Sperling (the guy who does those infallibly accurate "Best Places to Live" rankings) to determine the fifty most manly metropolises.

The "study" used criteria such as...
"...number of professional sports teams, popularity of power tools and frequency of monster truck rallies. Cities also lose ranking points for emasculating characteristics like the abundance of home furnishing stores, high minivan sales and subscription rates to beauty magazines."
Nashville was dubbed the "Mecca of manliness" because of its "high number of NASCAR enthusiasts, popularity of hunting and fishing and concentration of BBQ restaurants." So apparently being manly means being an overweight redneck.

St. Louis was lauded for having the highest concentration of sports bars in the country. Hooray. Let's sing a victory song.