Cardinals Nickname Poll: Joe Mather Official Results

Apr 16, 2009 at 11:36 am
Well, this one was over before it began, really. It was no contest

Joe Mather is hereby christened "Joey Bombs"! That moniker led the way with 64% of the vote;  Unreal's secretly hoped-for choice, "Spud," finished an almost-respectable second, garnering 21%.

We liked Spud because it sounds old-school and is a nod to Joseph T. Mather's Joey Bombs' home state, Idaho. (Admit it: "Spud Mather" trips off the tongue like nobody's business.)

But from here on in, it's Joey Bombs. At least it will be when if he makes it back to the big club. After a painfully subpar spring training, JB was exiled to Memphis, where he's, well, let's just go with the less said, the better.