Cardinals Nickname Poll: Yadier Molina Edition

Apr 15, 2009 at 7:01 am
No, "Yadi" is not a nickname. It's what grammarians would call a "for-short." At least that's what grammarians would call it if grammarians were fourth graders. Unreal has no idea what more-seasoned grammarians would call it.

Regardless, the Wheel of Nickname Fortune has spun 'round to Yadier Molina, and it ain't gonna spin again till the Redbirds backstop's got a suitable nickname.

After the jump, name that Molina...

No, no, a thousand times no, we're not gonna even entertain "Yadi".

One reader has nominated Funky Cold Molina. Unreal was originally lukewarm on that one, owing to the advanced age of the reference. But it has since grown on us. In fact, we like it.

We like it better than some of the other suggestions that have rolled in: Yadi the One Man Padi (too cumbersome) and State of MOlina (cumbersome and lame, sorry!).

Here's one that might work, though: Gasolina. It acknowledges Yadi's Latino heritage, and it's mellifluous, and though it's a stretch, one could call his arm incendiary. Plus he's used "Gasolina" by Daddy Yankee as his at-bat music.

No? How about Brolina? Yes, the whole "bro" thing is over -- for proof Unreal need only point to this Onion riff, from, like two years ago -- but (and that's a big "but"; hence the italics) in this instance Yadier comes by the label honestly, there being a trio of Major League Molina bros (all of them catchers): Yadier, Bengie and José.

Which brings us to the trusty Evangelist Name Generator's two cents' worth: Professor Colby U. Robber. (And yes, the ENG really did spit that out. And yes, we reserve the right to bring it back when it's Rasmus' turn.)

Cardinals Nickname Poll: Yadier Molina Edition
One vote per reader, please. But don't hesitate to write in a suggestion and leave it via the Comments thread. We'll close voting and announce the winning nickname a week from today, when we put up a new poll.