Cash-Strapped Government, Huh? Why Don't These Agencies Pick Up Their Money?

Mar 11, 2010 at 11:45 am
Did you hear the guy who called in to Charlie Brennan's show on KMOX this morning? Said fella claimed that if you punch "St. Louis" or "Missouri" into the state treasurer's database of unclaimed property -- that's code for dinero, folks -- you'd find all kinds of local and state agencies with dollars and cents just waiting to be picked up from Clint Zweifel's office.

And he was right. Check this out:

The actual dollar amounts are not disclosed in the database, except in generic terms like "Over $50." But here's a list of some of the St. Louis taxpayer-funded institutions with unclaimed property:

St. Louis Art Museum
St. Louis Board of Education
St. Louis Circuit Clerk's Office
St. Louis City
St. Louis Metropolitan Police Department
St. Louis Public Schools
St. Louis City Tow Yard
St. Louis County Circuit Court
St. Louis County Circuit Clerk
St. Louis County Collector of Revenue
St. Louis County Health Department
St. Louis County Treasurer
St. Louis County Library
St. Louis County Police Department
St. Louis County Sheriff
St. Louis Employee Retirement System
St. Louis Fire Department
St. Louis Metropolitan Sewer District

Some of those have multiple accounts unclaimed. And now, for Missouri's state agencies.