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  • Thanks to the more than 60 readers who left headline suggestions for the cover (right) of this week's Riverfront Times on our Facebook page and news blog.

    You all have a pretty sick sense of humor. More depraved than even our own. We appreciate that.

    Below are the ten best headlines from our contest. Check them out, and then cast your vote for the best headline on the following page. The person with the most votes will receive this week's RFT cover featuring his/her winning headline.

    1. I'm Legitimately Enjoying This. Yeehaw, Gitty-Up!

    2. Todd Achin'

    3. Democrats Have a Way of Shutting That Whole Thing Down

    4. Akin: "I Asked for Your Election, Not Your Erection!

    5. Hot Ass on Ass Action

    6. Butt Akin, It's a Legitimate Rape

    7. The Ass Got What He Deserved. The Donkey Got Lucky.

    8. Look, I'm Shutting Down

    9. Just Relax and Enjoy It

    10. Donkey Punch 2012

    Continue on to cast your vote!

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