Charges Dropped Against Charles Jaco Following Dust Up with "Tea Bagger"

Mar 3, 2010 at 7:32 am
Charles "Free" Jaco
Charles "Free" Jaco
St. Louis city counselor Patricia Hageman said yesterday that she would not pursue charges of disturbing the peace against Fox 2 reporter and KTRS (550 AM) radio host Charles Jaco.

The charges were issued last month against Jaco several days after a run-in with the conservative blogger Adam Sharp of Sharp confronted Jaco while the latter was covering a health care rally downtown and demanded to know why Jaco used the term "tea baggers" when discussing the Tea Party on his radio program.

Sharp videotaped his entire seven-minute assault on Jaco, including a moment when Jaco allegedly "bumped" into Sharp. The blogger used that alleged offense to file charges against Jaco. Yesterday Hageman told Political Fix that she dropped the charges after reviewing the video tape and victim's statement.

"Based on the 'evidence' presented, I saw no basis for proceeding with the charge," Hageman said.

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